BlackBerry and Unity Team Up for More BlackBerry 10 Apps

BlackBerry 10 Mobile OS | Official Website

BlackBerry 10 Mobile OS | Official Website

As posted on an official blog post last Tuesday, BlackBerry said that they will be working with Unity for an add-on for BlackBerry 10 smartphones. This add-on would make it easier for app developers to create mobile softwares for the new operating system.

Moreover, both companies are planning to hold developer events in Europe and North America. It was also reported that they will give Unity Pro and BB10 smartphones to the attendees.

The Importance of Unity for BlackBerry

Unity provides a complete development environment that is designed for developing games and 3D content for mobile devices. Thus, in addition to smartphones running BlackBerry 10, devs will also be able to work on games for the BlackBerry Playbook, which will feature an upcoming BB10 update.

Getting cross-platform vendors like Unity is very important for BlackBerry. That’s because it lowers the bar for developers to create apps for the smartphone maker’s new OS, in addition to iOS and Android.

Availability and Expected Release

In relation to this, it was reported that the beta version of the BlackBerry 10 add-on for Unity’s cross-platform development environment will be available this spring. However, it can only be handed down to a limited number of developers. The final release is expected to become available this summer.

The Unity Pro development tool will cost $1,500 without subsidies. Users can also choose between Flash, iOS, and Android add-ons. These add-ons will carry a price tag of $1,500 for the Pro version and $400 for the Standard version.


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