How to Get Your Girl The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift


Whether you like it or not, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Regardless of how you feel about February, 14 your girl is most likely expecting some sort of gift. Thankfully, there are plenty of options out there to keep the woman in your life happy. However, your budget and time constraints could prevent you from pulling off the greatest Valentine’s Day she’s ever had. But as long you get her one of the following gifts, she’ll be more than pleased.

Something Sexy


Women enjoy feeling sexy and lingerie is something that will definitely make her feel that way. But you need to make sure that you get her the correct size. If you want to get her a bra, check out the tags on one of her bras to find the right cup size. The tag is usually found on the back strap. If you can’t do that you can always get her a teddy or slip. They typically come in small, medium and large, so it will be easier to figure out the size.

How to Do it Right: Besides something from Victoria’s Secret, you could get something racier from or a classier get-up from Agent Provocateur. If you really want to get creative throw in some sexy body products. Something from Kama Sutra, like their Weekender Kit or Treasure Trove Gift Set. She’ll enjoy these gifts just as much as you will.



Besides looking sexy, women love to smell sexy. But since every woman has their own preference in scents, this could be tricky. You could always get her something that she owns, or has owned, by checking out what she already has in the house.

How to Do it Right: If you want to get her something different, or can’t find out what her choice of scents is, then pick her up a bottle of Curve Appeal by Elizabeth Arden. It’s reasonably priced and the sexy blend of mandarin, violet, apple, nectarine, jasmine, iris, amber, sandalwood and vanilla will be pleasant enough for both of you to enjoy.

Massage/Spa Products


What woman doesn’t like to get pampered? Which is exactly why she’ll enjoy a massage, or at the very least, some spa products.

How to Do it Right: Ideally you could get her a gift card to a massage parlor or take her on a getaway to a spa resort. But if money is an issue you can always get her some spa products and give her a massage yourself. You can find a large selection of spa products at Bath and Body Works, or you can get her candles from Diptyque and Sugar Lychee SugarBath Cubes. As for the massage, pick up the Rub Me Massage Bar, to cap off a perfect Valentine’s Day.

Bed Sheets


As we already mentioned, women enjoy being pampered. So why not get her something that will make her feel pampered on a nightly basis? Which is exactly why some new bed sheets will be something that she’ll definitely enjoy, besides it being a different and unexpected gift.

How to Do it Right: You can’t just get her any bed sheets. They should feel luxurious. Egyptian cotton, which should at least be an 800 thread count, is your best bet. This is another gift that won’t break the bank and is something that you’ll both enjoy as you remain under the covers all night and day.



Jewelry is usually a safe choice for Valentine’s Day. Women not only enjoy a new piece of jewelry, it’s an almost expected gift. Of course, finding that special someone some new new bling can be difficult. Just like fragrances, women have their own preferences. You could do some investigating and sneak a peek at what kind of jewelry she has. Or, you could just pay attention to what she wears.

How to Do it Right: You don’t need to go all out on jewelry. There are enough options out there that don’t cost as much as you would think. Getting her a piece that includes her birthstone is about as perfect as you can get, since it shows that you’re paying attention to small details about her. Gemstones in her favorite color and gold are also wise decisions. If you’re still lost, or just lazy, check out this top 10 list from Overstock.



Chocolates are a standard Valentine’s Day gift. And it’s not difficult to understand why. They’re rich, creamy and an aphrodisiac. When paired with another item, like flowers or a bottle of wine or champagne, you’re good to go.

How to Do it Right: If you have any sort of common sense, and don’t want to go to the doghouse, avoid the generic chocolates that are at any local drug or grocery store. Go with a high-end chocolate like Godiva, Leonidas, or Teuscher. Not only do they have 70% cocoa content, it shows that you actually put some sort of thought into a gift and just didn’t make a last-minute run to a nearby store.



Not only are flowers the most traditional of Valentine’s Day presents, they’re also one of the most expected. No matter which stage of a relationship you’re currently in, flowers will always work.

How to Do it Right: You can never go wrong with roses. If you’re tired of the conservative gift of roses, try lilies or orchids. You can always get her a bouquet from FTD or Teleflora, if you can’t stop by a local flower shop. Another choice is a gold or platinum dipped rose from Steven Singer, since that will be a flower that lasts forever. Whatever type of flower you opt to go with, make sure you send it to her at work. It will make her co-workers envious, and she’ll thank you later for the gesture.



Going out for Valentine’s Day is pretty much a give-in, especially if you don’t go out all that often. And believe it or not, taking your girl out to dinner is probably the one thing that she really wants to receive.

How to Do it Right: Make it a special occasion. We’re not saying that you have to go to an expensive restaurant where a suit and tie are required. What we’re getting at is that it should at least be a quality joint with a romantic charm and not a local diner or chain restaurant. Maybe it’s the first place where the two of you had diner, Valentine’s Day or any other sort of sentimental moment. It could be a place that she’s always wanted to try. Or, it’s just her favorite restaurant. Regardless of where you go out to, it probably wouldn’t hurt to make it about where she wants to eat at.

Final Words of Advive

While the above suggestions are traditional and safe choices as gifts for Valentine’s Day, you can always get the lady in your life something original and unique. But that’s totally up to you. Every woman is different and you probably know her better than anyone else. So why not get her something that she will truly enjoy?

If she’s a runner, get her a new pair of running shoes. If she’s a Channing Tatum fan, then suck it up and watch The Vow with her. And if she doesn’t own a couple of his flicks, go out and get them for her. Regardless of what you decide to get her for Feburary 14, you don’t need to spend a ton of cash or go over the top. Just make sure that you get her something thoughtful, no matter how big or small. Remember, she’s probably looking forward to Valentine’s Day, so make sure you do or get her something special to show that you care.

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