Australian Treasury Department Moves from BlackBerry to iPhone

Apple's iPhone 5 | Apple Official Website

Apple’s iPhone 5 | Apple Official Website

As if the blow to BlackBerry is not enough, the Australian Treasury Department reported that they will be leaving the platform for Apple’s iPhone and iOS. The transition is expected to be completed within the next month and a half.

According to the department, they will replace 250 BlackBerry phones with the new iPhone 5. They are also planning to roll out a yet-to-be-announced number of iPads to staff, ministry offices, and other agencies handled by the Treasury Department.

Peter Alexander, chief information officer, stated their decision to switch came after the Defence Signals Directorate certified the iOS platform for government applications. The DSD is the country’s signals intelligence agency. In addition, Alexander said that the new devices will be controlled by device management platform AirWatch.

Considering Other Platforms

When asked about BlackBerry’s announcement of their latest mobile phones: Z10 and Q10, Alexander sounded his opinion. For him, he is unsure whether the smartphone manufacturer will be able to make a comeback.

BlackBerry has pretty limited capability. With the new one being launched, it’s almost too late. Maybe it’ll catch up, maybe it won’t.

As for the Android platform, the DSD is yet to certify a single device running Google’s mobile operating system. Alexander added:

In the coldest and cruelest way to look at it, there was no decision for us, really. We looked at it in terms of usability and functionality, Android phones are perfectly adequate… but it was really a decision we didn’t have much option in.

The Australian Treasury Department is the latest government office to jump into the iOS platform. In Apple’s quarterly conference call for the first quarter of this year, the company’s Chief Financial Officer Peter Oppenheimer revealed that a number of US agencies are rolling out iPhones “by the thousands.” This includes NASA, NOAA, Immigrations and Customs Enforcement, and the Transportation and Security Administration.

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