Tech Workers Want a Surface Tablet and an iPhone

Microsoft Surface Windows 8 Pro | Official Website

Microsoft Surface Windows 8 Pro | Official Website

Based on a research revealed by Forrester Research, Microsoft’s Surface Windows 8 Pro tablet was at the top of the list for workers in the Information Technology sector. Apple’s iPhone is also on their wish list, as revealed by the firm’s 2013 Mobile Workforce Adoption Trends.

The research shows a price list of $2495, and is also based on 9700 information workers interviewed from around the world.

Adoption Trends in the Mobile Workforce

According to Forrester Research’s 2013 Mobile Workforce Adoption Trends, 32 percent of the interviewed workers want their future slate to be Microsoft’s Surface tablet.

In addition, 33 percent of the information workers said that they want their next smartphone to be an iPhone. On 10 percent of the interviewed employees said that they want a Windows Phone as their next handset.

2013 Mobile Workforce Adoption Trends | Forrester Research

2013 Mobile Workforce Adoption Trends | Forrester Research

The interest in Microsoft tablets may be driven by the practicality rather than its appeal to workers. That is also maintained by one self-proclaimed enterprise information worker on MacRumors thread discussion about Forrester’s study.

I could see people in my world saying they would want a Microsoft tablet because all of us are trapped in the Windows world forced upon us by IT. People in this position most likely think “I want a tablet, but IT makes us use MS software, so we should probably get a MS tablet.”

If MS ever did come out Office for iPad, then iPad’s [sic] would top the list.

Unanswered Questions

However, survey results raise questions with regards to its veracity. As commented by one PC World reader:

I work in IT and don’t know anyone that wants a Surface. A good ultra-book is much more useful. So how, exactly, is it at the “top of wish list?”

In relation to this, Forrester’s data was gathered before Microsoft released its Surface Pro tablet. It experienced some brisk sales after it went on sale last Saturday, especially its 128 GB model.

But people were also curious as to whether the company limited the stocks for the Windows Surface Pro 128 GB unit to make a sellout buzz. Still, Microsoft encountered supply problems with its Surface RT tablet during the holidays, making it more likely that supply constraints for the Pro version are an extension of it.

It is believed that the Microsoft tablet will gain sales traction after airing its first TV ad during the Grammy awards.

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