Glass Smartphones—Coming Soon

Polytron Technology's Prototype Transparent Smartphone | Official YouTube Video

Polytron Technology’s Prototype Transparent Smartphone | Official YouTube Video

Polytron Technologies’ General Manager Sam Yu won’t name the smartphone manufacturer, but he is confident that a partially transparent smartphone will arrive this year. However, the prototype handset shown in the video is not yet functional. That’s because not all components used in the mobile device can be made invisible.


But it is more likely that the Taiwanese firm may allow at least a portion of the smartphone to remain see-through. The rest of the handset will be covered behind a casing, according to Polytron staff.

Building Smartphones with Specially Designed Glass

Today’s smartphones are often encased in plastic or metal, and are filled with opaque circuitry. Meanwhile, Polytron is proposing that handset makers build their mobile devices using the company’s specially designed glass. The said glass can contain almost invisible electrical wiring through patented technology. In turn, it will create a transparent effect that will make the device see-through.

In relation to this, Yu has been showing off a prototype transparent smartphone built from a light piece of glass. Some components such as the battery, camera, and memory card are still visible, although the rest of the phone—including the screen—will be transparent.

I like things that are novel and look beautiful. Current mobile phones are heavier, but with this glass you can make it much lighter.

Applying Glass Technology to Electronics

Although Polytron has mainly focused on providing glass for construction projects, Yu said that the technology can also be applied to electronics.

In fact, he showed an almost transparent USB memory stick that will start become available later this year. They also have a speaker system that is embedded into a thin slate of glass. Companies such as Fujitsu, LG, and Samsung have also shown off similar concepts such as dual-sided transparent touch screens or see-through displays for laptops.

Yu believes that this technology will help make transparent electronic products a reality. However, it is unknown how much a transparent phone would cost buyers.

Polytron Technologies is a subsidiary of Polytronix, a US-based firm, which focuses on glass technology. One of their main products is the Polyvision Privacy Glass. This component can flip between transparent and opaque with a flick of a switch.

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