Is Taylor Swift Unlucky or Boy-Crazy?

The 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals

Did you watch the 55th Grammy Awards? Don’t worry. We didn’t either, I mean there was a Walking Dead premiere to be seen.

However, after catching up on some Grammy news, one of the top stories coming out of last night’s musical festivities was Taylor Swift apparently calling out her ex Harry Styles, who is one of the kids from One Direction. If you happen to be a fan of Taylor Swift, or at least keep up with pop culture, then you know that this isn’t the first time she’s called out an ex. Which makes us wonder. Is Taylor Swift just picking the wrong guys? Or is she a petty and psychotic chick with issues?

Before we go further, here’s a recap of Taylor Swift’s exes.

She dated Joe Jonas back in 2008, but things ended only after a few months when the Jonas Brother broke up with Taylor during a 27-second phone call. Swift went on the write the songs Forever and Always and Better Than Revenge about her failed relationship. She also called him out when she appeared on SNL on 2009 by proclaiming “Hey Joe. I’m doing real well. I’m hosting SNL.”

The then 17-year old Swift moved on to Twilight actor Taylor Lautner from August 2009 until November of that year. And yet another song, Back to December, came from their failed relationship. although it was an apology from Taylor. The next guy up was her You Belong With Me video co-star Lucas Till for a short time in 2009.

From November 2009 to February 2010 musician and dbag John Mayer entered the scene. Swift, as many know, penned the track Dear John about that relationship. Following the devastating break-up, Swift entered a couple of short-lived flings that included Glee star Cory Monteith and “Mine” co-star Toby Hemingway.

By October of 2010, Taylor was spotted with actor Jake Gyllenhaal. The couple broke up in December, but were spotted again together in January of 2011. Many believe that a number of songs from her latest album album Red were inspired by the romance. These include We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, State of Grace, All Too Well, Girl at Home and The Moment I Knew.

In 2011 Swift reportedly had dated, or at least hung out with a bunch of guys that we’re not too familiar with. They include Garrett Hedlund and Eddie Redmayne. But in 2012 she was in yet another high-profile relationship when she dated Conor Kennedy from July to October. Most recently, she was dating Harry Styles.

Now that we’re up to speed, it’s time to go back to that question. Is Taylor Swift just picking the wrong guys? Or is she a petty and psychotic chick with issues?

While I don’t think that Taylor Swift has dated too many guys, it’s called being a twenty-something for all the prudes out there, it’s how she handles the breakups that is troublesome.

It’s embarrassing enough to get called out or mocked on social media for the world to see when a relationship goes south. So how about a breakup song, or a mention during a performance, that millions of people will catch? I don’t think that embarrassing is a strong enough word for that, even for the jerks like John Mayer. Especially after that relationship only lasted a couple of months. We do have a word for that. Psycho.

So for men everywhere. Stay far away from Taylor Swift. Unless you want to be forever immortalized in a song that depicts you as the horrible person who broke poor Taylor Swift’s heart.

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