Media Molecule Talks About New “Mystery” Game

Media Molecule Logo | Wikipedia

Media Molecule Logo | Wikipedia

Although the exact nature of Media Molecule’s “mystery” game is still unknown, gaming website PlayStation University was able to juice out some information about it.

During a private press event in Hollywood a couple of days ago, the Media Molecule team talked about Tearaway, PlayStation Vita development, as well as their unannounced game. Talking about their mystery game, Lead Game Designer Rex Crowle said:

As a company, [we] always… have various experiments on the go that we’re kind of stirring and working out exactly what form they’re gonna take. Obviously, we’re not actually going to comment on what else we’re working on at this point, but, yeah, there’s exciting things happening in the studio.

Although Crowle was hesitant to share further details about their unannounced game, it appears that Media Molecule is not working outside the lines for their next title.

Everyone’s very busy outside of the world of video games as well. There’s always someone playing guitar in the office, or making a short film. We’re definitely focused on making fun, so there’s gonna be a lot of video games still coming out of us.

On the other hand, Media Molecule’s Level Designer Christopher Villedieu gave a vague-yet-intriguing response with regards to the mystery game’s additional details. He advised gamers to stay tuned, as the team will have news to share “soonish”.

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