Free Game Every Day from Capcom This 2013

Capcom Anniversary | Capcom Unity

Capcom Anniversary | Capcom Unity

For the Capcom game fans and for every gamers who love free stuff, you’re in for some good news! The game developer announced earlier this week that they will be giving away one free game every weekday for the rest of 2013. This goes in line with the company’s 30th anniversary.

Capcom Unity Point System

How to get these free games from Capcom? All that a player needs to do is hang out on Capcom’s community blog, Capcom Unity. From there, users can start accumulating points to have a chance to win a raffle.

In order to earn points, gamers can post blogs or comments, participate in the forum, send in links for new stories, and many more. Those who already have a stockpile of Unity points can buy extra chances, but it will only take one ticket to win.

Dragon's Dogma | Capcom Unity

Dragon’s Dogma | Capcom Unity

The first game that will be rolled out by Capcom for free is the Dragon’s Dogma, which will be available for 300 Unity points. However, not all games will be available for 300 points, as some title may require a few more points to join the raffle. Users can also enter as many raffles as they can afford, but only one raffle entry from the same winner may win in a week.

So for those who want to win a free game or two from Capcom, now is the time to visit Capcom Unity and start earning those points!

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