Good or Bad? Michael Vick Restructures Contract With Eagles

Michael Vick

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When the Philadelphia Eagles picked up Michael Vick in 2009 after being away from the game for two seasons, I thought they were fools.

For years the Eagles were in contention for the Super Bowl, or at least a playoff run, and the missing piece wasn’t Michael Vick. Even before his legal problems, I was never a Vick fan. While an amazing athlete, he wasn’t a great quarterback. And the fact that he killed dogs only added to my disliking of him. So, him getting a second chance was difficult for me to understand. But then Donovan McNabb was sent to the Redskins. His successor, Kevin Kolb, went out with a concussion during the first game of the 2010 season. And Micheal Vick stepped in and had a solid comeback year. The result was Kolb being traded to Arizona and Micheal Vick signing a six-year, $100 million extension in 2011.

But after a disappointing 4-12 season in 2012, Micheal Vick’s time in Philly seemed all but expired. Vick was not only injured last season, he was very inconsistent with 2,362 yards, 12 touchdowns and 10 interceptions in 10 games. When Andy Reid got the axe, Vick was likely the next to go. But, for better or worse, he’s going to be in Philly for at least another year.

Vick resigned with the Eagles with a one-year contract that could earn him up to $10 million. The renegotiated contract will not only save the team about $5 million, it will also give new head coach Chip Kelly a chance to see what he can do with Michael Vick.

Despite Vick’s flaws, this new deal makes a lot of sense for both the player and organization.

The market for Vick didn’t seem very high. The Eagles probably wouldn’t have received much in return for Vick if they traded him. And Vick most likely would not have received this kind of money anywhere else.

Also, Vick seems like he could thrive in Chip Kelly’s aggressive and speedy offense that made Oregon a powerhouse in college football. Even though Vick will be 33 when the 2013 season gets underway, you have to remember that he missed those two years. He has less mileage than most other players at that age and still has plenty of speed.

If next season doesn’t work for Vick and The Eagles, he can become a free agent. This additional year gives Philly more time to evaluate Nick Foles or start scouting the 2014 NFL Draft, which has a stronger QB class than this upcoming draft.

As I mentioned earlier, I’m not a Michael Vick. But I believe that this was a smart move for both parties. But more importantly, it shows that Michael Vick has learned from his mistakes and is trying to become a better person. Before heading into jail, could you imagine Vick signing a one-year contract for $10 million? Do you think that he would try to become a leader and role model for other players and fans? Could you see him pleading in Atlanta to remain there, because he wanted to be there? I think that experience has humbled him. But only time will tell if he and Chip Kelly can lead the Eagles back to the top of the NFC East.

But that’s just one man’s opinion. Tell us what you think about this restructured deal in the comments.

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