Five Things Every Man Should Have in His Pockets

When you leave the house each and every morning, there are three things that you shouldn’t forget. Your keys, wallet, and cell phone. Between those three items you probably don’t have much room for anything else in your pockets. But there are still a number of items that you should think about bringing along as well. Whether you keep them in the pockets of your pants, a coat or jacket pocket or in a backpack or briefcase, are five things that every man should have on him at all times.

5. Handkerchief


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Does this sound disgusting? Sure. But here’s something that your grandpa knew. A handkerchief can come in very handy. Besides blowing your nose, this could be used to clean glasses, dry your hands if there aren’t any paper towels left in a bathroom, or, you could be really smooth and hand it to a weeping woman. Of course you’d probably want to do those things when the handkerchief isn’t filled with snot.

4. Zippo/Lighter/Matches


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If you happen to be a smoker, then this isn’t a problem. But if you’re not, it’s something that you should consider getting. Besides using it for lighting up a smoke, you can use a lighter or matches as a source of light if needed, open a bottle if you don’t have an opener or you can be classy and light the cigarette of a lady. It’s just one of those smaller items that you’ll be glad you brought along.

3. Pocket Knife


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Another handy item that could be used for anything that includes opening mail, slicing fruit, or even as a makeshift screwdriver. There are plenty of options out there, like the good ol’ Swiss Army knife to an awesome combat-style knife from SureFire, just find one that fits your particular lifestyle and needs. Regardless what you decide to go with, a pocket knife is an essential item that every man should own.

2. Pen and Notebook


Rite in the Rain Notebook

Gentlemen used to carry such items regularly, and there’s a reason why. You never know when you have to write down a reminder, number, or leave a note for someone. Sure you can do that on your phone, but a pen and paper can be quicker and classier, and you can’t leave a note for someone if you don’t have their number or contact info. Also, think about asking for a girl’s number in a noisy setting. Instead of yelling and not hearing the digits correctly, you can pass a note. Tacky, but effective. For the pen we suggest the FCP4 Space Pen with Cigar Punch. It was made for NASA, can write upside down, can be attached to a key chain and doubles as a cigar punch. The notebook could be something like a Japanese reporter’s notebook from Postalco or an all-weather notebook from Rite in the Rain.

1. Everyday Carry Kit


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The Everyday Carry Kit contains a metal pry bar, 2 black oxide hardened steel screwdriver keys, a 1-inch capsule light that is completely waterproof and pointed precision tweezers. Best of all, these pieces come on a light titanium split key ring. Altogether the keychain weighs less than 2 ounces. This amazing product features everything you could possibly need in a light and compact way. And, because it’s also a key ring, you’ll never leave it back at the house.

Honorable Mentions, But Not Necessary For Everyday

USB Flash Drive: Unless you have important work related materials that you need to carry around, there’s no need to have a flash drive taking up room in your pockets. While the Swiss Army Victorinox Slim 2.0 Flash, for example, isn’t that big and is pretty cool, it’s not a necessity to have on you at all times. Besides, your smartphone should be able to store or move files and media if need be.

Flashlight: A flashlight can always come in handy when you’re left out in the dark, but most of them are too bulky to keep in your pockets. While it’s not a bad idea to have a flashlight nearby, like in a glove compartment or nightstand, you don’t need one all the time. Besides, your smartphone most likely has a flashlight app, and you’re already carrying around a lighter or the Everyday Carry Kit.

Fingernail clippers: There’s a time and place to clip your fingernails and it’s not when you’re out and about. No need to waste space for something that you should be doing at home.

Comb: Not a bad idea if you ever need to get your hair straightened out, but there are guys that don’t need a comb, whether because they have a shaved head or are loaded up on hair gel. Maybe take a comb if you’re going out for the night, but not at all times.

Flask: Unless you have a drinking problem, or want to risk getting locked up for public intoxication, you don’t need to have a flask eating up space in your pockets. Yes. A flask is cool and classic, but save it for special occasions.

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