Coming Soon: Intel TV Set-Top Box and Services

Intel Smart TV | Intel Official Website

Intel Smart TV | Intel Official Website

It appears that Intel will be joining the home entertainment business, as it will begin offering a set-top box and service later this year. It was confirmed last Tuesday at the D: Dive Into Media Conference organized by All Things D.

Aside from that, Intel will also compete against Apple, Boxee, Roku, and Western Digital, which offer set-top boxes that stream movies and TV shows over the Internet. Intel will also pit against TV makers such as LG, Panasonic, Samsung, Sharp, and Sony. The said companies sell TV that combine Internet and broadcast content.

They may also end up competing against content providers such as Apple, Google, Hulu Plus, and Netflix, which deliver movies, TV shows, and other content over the Internet to PC, mobile devices, TVs, and gaming consoles. However, it is unknown whether Intel will make a partnership with the said content providers.

Intel Set-Top Box TV Features and Availability

Intel’s own TV box will have a combination of combined live TV and on-demand content. According to the chip maker’s spokesman, it will feature customized users interface, and will be sold direct to consumers.

Although details about the Intel set-top box remain scarce, one thing is for sure: The chip maker is transitioning from being a silicon provider to tapping new markets. Prior to this, the chip maker has tried its luck in the TV market, but was unsuccessful. They even delivered TV-optimized chips to Google TV set-top boxes like Logitech’s Revue, which did not find wide acceptance.

A specific release date, although the set-top box TV is expected to become available later this year. In relation to this, Intel created a media group which will develop the TV box and service, as confirmed by Erik Huggers. The Intel Media is a step in the right direction, although the company will have a painstaking task to create a reputation as a consumer electronics company.

What Lies Ahead for Intel and Its Set-Top Box TV

Intel was able to create a great brand with Intel Inside, but its efforts to pack products straight to consumers have fallen short. According to Nathan Brookwood of Insight 64, the company has sold consumer products like USB microscopes and modems with mixed results.

The question here is whether the chip maker has learned from its past mistakes, and the TV box will be a big test.

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