“City of Steam” Open Beta Coming Soon

City of Steam | Official Website

City of Steam | Official Website

City of Steam continues to simmer, as it was reported that the game is set for an open beta.

Although it was a slight step back from the alpha in terms of stability, playing the game in closed was interesting. That’s because there are many features in place. Still, City of Steam at this stage is expected to have a lot of bugs. As posted by Ian Harac of PC World:

Almost everything about the City of Steam closed beta shows signs of polish and improvement on top of the core mechanics I already experience in alpha. The starter quest is more complete and offers more context. There are more options for character customization, both visually and mechanically. The world is becoming richer and more detailed, as the broad strokes of the design are filled in. Crafting, scavenging, and a kind of steam-powered slot machine that can spit out rare items (but rarely does) are all active now, in various states of completion.

Cool Stuff and Issues to Expect from City of Steam Beta

In relation to this, Harac shared a few issues he found while playing City of Steam in closed beta. For one, the keyboard movement is still WASD. However, it’s good to know that players can turn off the click-to-move option, and the keyboard movement is still something that they can adapt.

Next is the “speech on top, replies on bottom” conversation mode. It may not likely get a character accidentally killed, but it’s still annoying. Plus, it could be cumbersome for a gamer to shift his eyes from top of the screen to the bottom of it. That’s because the middle of the screen is where a player’s attention is naturally focused.

What’s cool about City of Steam, though, is that monsters are getting smarter. Ranged attackers constantly move out range, which forces players to chase them while attacking. The game’s instances also have multiple modes that can be selected upon entry. These include exploring, doing quests or taking challenges.

Although no date is given for the open beta, it was reported to be available soon.

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