PlayStation Meeting: The Big Day to Announce PlayStation 4?

The Hammerstein Ballroom in Manhattan Center | Official Website

The Hammerstein Ballroom in Manhattan Center | Official Website

With the PlayStation Meeting set to kick off in less than a week, it’s a no-brainer that excitement for the next-generation PlayStation console is at fever pitch. However, some are still reluctant that Sony will announce their so-called PlayStation 4 on that day. But the size of the event’s venue suggests otherwise.

In an invite sent to PlayStation-centric gaming website PlayStation Lifestyle, Sony announced that the PlayStation Meeting will take place at The Hammerstein Ballroom at the Manhattan Center Studios in New York.

Compared to ordinary press events, which only accommodate 20 or so journalists, the venue can house at least 2,200 people. As posted on MC Studios’ official website:

The Hammerstein combines a magnificent, century-old former opera house with fully-integrated 21st century media and entertainment production technology. Recently restored, this elegant room features a hand-painted ceiling, ornate woodwork, and three balconies with side boxes.

Soaring 75 feet above the main floor, the ceiling holds numerous rigging points suitable for production lighting, sound, or set design. Integration with the in-house audio recording studios, television studios, video control rooms, and post-production suites makes the space an incredible venue for productions, special events, live or taped broadcasts, and webcasts or radio broadcasts.

Production possibilities in this highly flexible event space are virtually limitless. Events hosted in The Hammerstein range from international product launches and television awards programs to designer fashion shows and holiday parties.

As PlayStation Lifestyle puts it, “this is going to be a huge event akin to an E3 press conference”! And because it is huge, many are expecting that Sony will be revealing the PS4 on that day.

The PlayStation meeting is set on February 20 at The Hammerstein Ballroom in New York at 6:00 PM EST.

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