LinkedIn Revamps “Jobs” Tool

LinkedIn Jobs | Official Blog

LinkedIn Jobs | Official Blog

Job seekers who are using LinkedIn are in for some good news! As posted on the LinkedIn blog, they will start rolling out the revamped Jobs tool over the next few weeks. The said tool will make it easier for users to find and get jobs using the professional social network.

In addition, the new Jobs tool will showcase open positions at companies wherein a user has a first-degree connection. It is basically an “in” who can open doors for a user at an organization that is hiring.

This is ideal for anyone looking for work, because who you know can almost be as important as what you know when it comes to seeking a good job.

Moreover, LinkedIn Jobs allows users to drill down deeper when doing advanced search. Thus, they can find openings based on country, zip code, industry, and function. They can also see new results from their saved search parameters.

To do it, just click on the “Jobs” tab, and LinkedIn will show “Jobs you may be interested in” based on a user’s profile information. Meanwhile, the “Save Job” link lets users easily track the jobs they are most interested in. Plus, it will keep those positions easily accessible on a user’s Jobs page.

Why LinkedIn is Important for Job-Seekers

LinkedIn is used by over 200 million users worldwide, especially by employers and recruiters. So it’s better that you have a LinkedIn profile if you’re serious about your career. The professional social network’s spokeswoman Erin O’Harra also stated that including specific, significant results are important in creating a LinkedIn profile.

If you closed a million-dollar deal or you recruited five key executives for your company, those are definitely the things you want to call out to distinguish yourself from others.

She also added that business-savvy users take advantage of the network’s deeper features. For instance, claiming a vanity URL. Using the said link, users can post their LinkedIn profile’s URL on other sites or network. That way, they can redirect people back to their account.

In order to claim a vanity URL, just head to your LinkedIn profile, select Edit Profile, and then click to edit the URL directly under your profile photo. On the right side of the page, choose “Customize your public profile URL.”

Aside from that, LinkedIn has over one million groups that users can join. It is advisable to join relevant LinkedIn groups in order to expand one’s network, and demonstrate expertise in his respective field.

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