Apple and Samsung Identify Infringing Devices in Galaxy Nexus Patent Case

Apple's Sample Identifier List | US District Court

Apple’s Sample Identifier List | US District Court

In a pair of filing with the US District Court for Northern District of California last Friday, Apple and Samsung detailed the scope of their respective assertions for their upcoming patent suit. The said patent suit is scheduled to start its proceedings in March 2014.

Apple and Samsung’s Assertions

Assertions from both company detailed in list and table form the alleged infringed patents and respective devices associated with every violation each party is claiming. This includes both companies’ flagship smartphone: Apple’s iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S III.

It appears that Apple and Samsung are adding products to what is dubbed as the Galaxy Nexus dispute. That’s because the Cupertino-based company first filed the formal complaint in February 2012.

Furthermore, Apple is asserting a total of eight utility patent infringement claims against 23 Samsung products. It was also noted in the filing that four Samsung devices were part of the Apple vs. Samsung jury trial, which resulted in $1.05 billion verdict against the South Korean tech giant.

Samsung, on the other hand, pointed out that the iPhone maker also infringed upon three of its patents with certain iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Mac models. Five other patents were also mentioned, which are not being considered by the court as of the moment.

As stated by presiding judge Lucy Koh last Thursday, she was considering putting a hold on the case until an appeals court handed down a ruling regarding the first litigation. Koh also suggested that the companies’ ongoing litigation elsewhere in the US and the world could cover both California complaints.

The appeal was lodged by Apple in relation with the judge’s denial to ban certain Samsung handsets following their trial. For Apple’s part, the company noted that none of the patents in the Galaxy Nexus case will overlap with the jury trial. Samsung disagreed, saying that there was enough overlap to substantiate a suspension of the second suit.

In addition, Koh has given both companies until March 7 to submit official statements with regards to the matter. That is before she hands down her verdict to whether postpone the case or not.


Apple’s Assertions

Samsung’s Assertions


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