Destiny: The Next Big Thing from Bungie?

Destiny by Bungie | Wikipedia

Destiny by Bungie | Wikipedia

Although nothing much is shared about Destiny, Alex Rubens of TechHive pointed out that Bungie’s next game is not Halo.

It might look a lot like Halo, and even have the same general sci-fi theme, but once you take a deeper look at the world of Destiny, it becomes clear that it’s nothing like Bungie’s prior work.

Destiny: A Shared Experience Shooter

Aside from Ruben’s clarification that Destiny is nothing like Halo, Bungie would like to call their upcoming game as the world’s first “shared experience shooter.” It is an always-online, cooperative, narrative-driven first-person shooter set in the solar system that appears sometime in the future.

The game is said to be about two friends meeting up inside Destiny and are set to save the galaxy together. However, they are overrun and think that they would be dead soon, until another player comes and saves them.

It is set in time when Earth has been overrun by an alien race and humans have been pushed to one giant city. There were claims that its core gameplay is regaining control of Earth and its surrounding planets. Because of this, Bungie believes that this seamless cooperative and collaborative experience is the most exciting thing Destiny has to offer.

Additionally, the artworks showed by Bungie indicate that the game will have a large variety of environments, each unique to their planet and area. It also appears that players will have access to interstellar travel technology.

Other than that, the game developer declines to share much about Destiny. In relation to this, Ruben stated:

While I don’t see as much of Destiny as I would have liked, it gave me a taste of what’s to come. There’s still so much about Destiny we just don’t know, and despite how frustrating that can be sometimes, I can’t help but feel it’s for the best. I just hope it’s worth the wait.

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