Full “Rayman Legends” Online Challenge Mode Coming to Wii U

Rayman Legends Online Challenge Mode Preview | Official Facebook Page

Rayman Legends Online Challenge Mode Preview | Official Facebook Page

Rayman Legends’ Creative Director Michel Ancel and Senior Game Manager Michael Micholic posted a video on the official Rayman Facebook Page showing their appreciation to the fans’ support for the game.

Because of this, Ubisoft decided to push the game back on Wii U. Micholic also said that it would hurt them to see Rayman fans upset about the delay.

Prior to this, Ubisoft said that they would be making an exclusive Legends demo, which will be available to Wii U owners. But it won’t happen anymore, as Ancel and Micholic confirmed that they will be releasing Rayman Legends’ full online challenge mode exclusively for the Nintendo console. The download’s full rundown is listed below:

  • Online challenge mode will be accessible through the main hub
  • New challenges daily and weekly, each with their own leaderboards
  • Challenges in 5 different settings with unique gameplay styles
  • Deadly pit, land of the dead, infernal tower, dojo, dungeon
  • Dungeon challenge created exclusively for Wii U
  • All challenges can be played alone or up to 5 players
  • Invite friends, filter the competition
  • Each result recorded on the leaderboard and as a ghost
  • History system saves all performances, trophies earned

The Rayman Legends online challenge mode will be hitting the Wii U eShop in early April as a free download. Micholic also added that it will be “playable for countless hours”.


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