Sony Slashes Prices for PlayStation Vita in Japan

PlayStation Vita by Sony | Sony Official US Website

PlayStation Vita by Sony | Sony Official US Website

Last Monday, Sony announced that they would be trimming down the price of PlayStation Vita in Japan. Prior to this, the company also announced that they’ve decreased their sales target for the device after weak holiday sales.

The gaming console’s 3G and Wi-Fi model costs ¥29,980 and ¥24,980 respectively. Both models will now carry a price tag of ¥19,980 starting February 28. Aside from that, Sony’s President of Domestic Games Hiroshi Kawano announced a silver version of the PS Vita, as well as a number of titles for the local market such as Soul Sacrifice and Fantasy Star Online 2.

However, a company spokesman declined to comment on whether the price cut for PS Vita will also happen in other countries.

Sony—Moving on with PlayStation

Announcement of PS Vita’s discount came at the heels of Sony’s announcement of their February 20 event. The said event, which will talk about the “future of PlayStation business,” will take place in New York. It is also expected that the event will serve as a platform for the announcement of their next-generation PlayStation console.

In addition, PS Vita’s price cut comes following Sony’s discussion about their October to December earnings. As it turns out, sales of their handheld games during last year’s holiday period disappointed the company. Due to this, they’ve decreased their sales target for Vita and older PlayStation Portable handhelds from 10 million to 7 million earlier this month.

Sony follows Nintendo’s struggles with the launch of its flagship handheld console. The latter also trimmed down the price for their Nintendo 3DS, almost six months after it was released in 2011. Both Sony and Nintendo are struggling with competition from the growing market of smartphone and tablet games.

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