NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan Promises Improved Gaming

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 690 | Official Website

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 690 | Official Website

NVIDIA announced the GeForce GTX Titan last Tuesday. The GTX Titan is a GPU designed to handle the most demanding games by harnessing the processing power of 2,668 graphics cores.

It will provide smoother graphics rendering, as well as support higher display resolutions compared to its predecessors. The company also claims their latest GPU is the world’s fastest graphics processor.

Meet NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX Titan

The NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan has 75 percent more processors than the GTX 680 GPU, which was the company’s fastest graphics processor. It delivers 4.5 teraflops of single-precision and 1.3 teraflops of double-precision performance. Titan is about 35 percent faster than its predecessor and has 7 billion transistors.

Because of the higher core count, the GPU can now crunch calculations in a more power-efficient manner. The NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan’s graphics chip can handle the most demanding games available. This means that the processor could handle Crysis, a compute-intensive game that is often used as a benchmark for the power of GPUs.

It also fits into PCs the size of gaming consoles. Moreover, thee graphics cards can be linked and used together in a single system using scalable link interface. This adds even more graphics power to a system.

The GPU is based on the Kepler architecture that is also being used in graphics processors that power the Titan supercomputer at the US Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory. The said supercomputer is ranked as the world’s fastest supercomputer in the Top 500 list.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan’s price starts at $999, and will be available in systems and through retailers worldwide.

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