Sony PlayStation 4: What You Need to Know

PlayStation 4 | Official US Blog

PlayStation 4 | Official US Blog

Andrew House, President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, introduced their next-generation platform in a highlyanticipated event held last Wednesday. The PlayStation 4 is believed to leverage the company’s advancements in hardware, software, and Internet-based technologies. With this, Sony hopes to create a game experience that will pull it out of its current third-place position in the console race.

Taking PlayStation Out of the Living Room

During the event, Sony pointed out that the upcoming platform will take the PlayStation out of the living room and focus more on the gamer. Aside from that, they are pushing the “immediacy” built into the PS4, which includes background downloading, instant play of new purchases, and social network sharing.

Their latest console will boast chip that is based on x86 architecture, on-board HDD storage, and 8 GB of GDDR5 RAM. In relation to this, Sony noted that these were the sort of design choices that game developers have urged them to put in their next console.

DualShock Controller for PlayStation 4

Aside from that, the company also introduced their much-anticipated new controller—the DualShock 4. It maintains mostly the same controller design as its predecessors, but with the addition of touchpad, headphone jack, share button, and a “light bar”.

The touchpad was first introduced in PlayStation Vita, while the light bar will make the controller a Kinect-like peripheral. Meanwhile, the share button and headphone jack are part of the company’s efforts to point out the social elements of the PS4. That’s because it will allow in-game communication and direct sharing of gaming content.

Streaming Content through PS4

With social networking functionality as the main focus of the upcoming console, its advanced services provide users the ability to watch live streams of their friends’ gaming sessions. In terms of the platform’s Internet capabilities, Dave Perry, founder of cloud-based gaming service Gaikai, outlined various streaming and interactive capabilities.

Through this, users can watch and interact with each other in real time. They can also take over a friend’s controller to help them through a tough level. PlayStation’s cloud services also bring in welcome enhancement many users have been asking for: Universal compatibility with older games.

PlayStation 4 comes at a critical moment for Sony, as it has seen a difficult couple of years. That’s because various competitors have undercut the company’s foundation. But whether the PS4 could bring back life to the Japanese conglomerate remains to be seen.

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