New Retina Display for the Next-Gen iPad Mini?

Apple's iPad Mini | Official Website

Apple’s iPad Mini | Official Website

According to a report from the Far East, AU Optronics has started developing screen technology for the much-awaited second-generation iPad Mini. The said company has been supplying display for Apple’s 7-inch tablet.

Retina Display for the Next-Gen iPad Mini

Taiwanese publication DigiTimes has reported that AU Optronics is “working on” panels for an expected follow-up of Apple’s iPad Mini. Although the website has been largely off when it comes to the company’s hardware rumors, its reports on the upcoming display can be considered reliable.

Nothing much is known on the next-generation technology, though AU is supplying Apple with AH-VA wide-angle panels for the iPad Mini. There were claims that the display manufacturer was already in pilot production stage in creating Retinal Display for the next 7-inch tablet.

In relation to this, many analysts expect that the next iPad Mini will include a Retina Display, as Apple continues to deploy the high-resolution screen across its various product lines. However, they are concerned with the pricing, as industry pundits estimate that a device’s Retina version could mean bigger production expenses.

Traditionally, a new generation Apple product retains the same price as its predecessor when launched. As for the current iPad Mini, AU Optronics has reportedly overcome yield issues to reach one million panel shipments. Thus, it was able to ease the supply bottleneck that affected the tablet’s sales since it was released.

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