Apple’s iOS 6.1.2—The Most Popular iOS Version

iOS 6 on Apple Devices | Official Website

iOS 6 on Apple Devices | Official Website

Less than a week after it became available to the public, Apple’s iOS 6.1.2 is already the most popular iOS version according to analytics firm Chitika.

Five days after it was released, 34.9 percent of the Web traffic tracked was generated by users of the latest iOS version. Domestically, Apple’s latest mobile operating system has surpassed iOS 6.1, making it the most popular version of the Cupertino-based company’s mobile OS.

“Significant Achievement” for iOS

It was reported that the user base growth of iOS 6.1.2 corresponds almost directly to the drop in traffic from devices running iOS 6.1. This only suggests that users want to stay updated with the latest version of iOS.

In relation to this, 48 hours after the iOS 6.1.2 was launched, its adoption was almost tantamount to that of iOS 6.0 in the same timeframe. According to Chitika, this is a “significant achievement”, considering that iOS 6.0 was a major release while iOS 6.1.2 brings in bug fixes.


The iOS 6.1.2 addresses an Exchange calendar bug that results in increased network activity and reduced battery life. On the other hand, Apple is working on iOS 6.1.3, which promises to fix a lockscreen bug and improve its Maps application in Japan.


Chitika’s data came from millions of iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch mobile ad impressions from the Chitika Ad Network. It was collected from US and Canada between February 19 and February 24.

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