New PS4 Features That You Need to Know

PlayStation 4 | Official US Blog

PlayStation 4 | Official US Blog

After the PlayStation 4 was officially announced, Japanese magazines have posted additional details about Sony’s next-generation console.

It was reported that the PS4 console can stream games to the PlayStation Vita at the latter’s native resolution. This means that a game running 1080 pixels on PS4 will be compressed to Vita’s resolution and then streamed. This is made possible with the system’s powerful hardware.

Moreover, users no longer need to encode a movie clip when transferring it from PS4 to a PC. In addition, it won’t be in a proprietary format. The DualShock 4’s touchpad is not designed to be a priority feature like the Sixaxis for PS3, although it was reported that developers are thinking of creative ways on how to use the controller’s touchpad.

In a recent demonstration of Killzone: Shadow Fall on Night with Jimmy Fallon, Guerilla Games big boss Herman Hulst unveiled that the touchpad will be used mostly in navigating through menus and more.

On the other hand, the new stereo camera created for PS4 will detect the user’s location even if he or she doesn’t have a DualShock 4 or Move controller. There are speculations that a PS1 and PS2 emulator is coming.


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