Game Length and More Details about ‘Soul Sacrifice’—Revealed


Soul Sacrifice North American Cover Art | Wikipedia

Set to be released this April for PlayStation Vita, Soul Sacrifice has received glowing remarks from gaming pundits.

As the title suggests, the game requires a player to make a decision every time he’ll defeat an enemy: Save the opponent’s soul or sacrifice it for personal gain? Character customization will also be crucial, as the character will go up against large enemies. More details are posted below:

  • Over 300 types of magic with a deep crafting system.
  • About 25 hours to complete story on single player, multiplayer content expands this to several hundred hours.
  • Superb storytelling through the grimoire system and its journal entries.
  • Story is quite moving and definitely worth the time to experience.
  • Huge variation of spells makes for extremely deep tactical multiplayer experience.
  • Team work and role assignment in multiplayer has immense potential.
  • Dying and being sacrificed is still fun and does not affect rewards.
  • Being able to continue fighting even when dead is extremely welcome feature.
  • The dark fantasy theme is well portrayed and written, although it may be too dark for some people’s taste.
  • Difficulty level is very high, but the high speed action is extremely fun and rewarding to learn.
  • Salvation and Sacrifice system adds surprisingly profound and meaningful choice to the game.
  • It might be “another hunting game” but it is overflowing with originality.
  • Single player is fun in its own right, but multiplayer is where the game really shines. The more the merrier!

Soul Sacrifice is created by Keiji Infaune of Concempt, in collaboration with Sony’s Japan Studio.

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