Nissan GT-R Gets Gold and Nismo Treatments


Auto enthusiasts have been high on the Nissan GT-R ever since it had the fastest lap time ever clocked on the Nürburgring by a production car in 2007. So, how can you make this bad boy any better? How about covering it in gold.

WrapStyle, a premium car styling specialist company located in the Czech Republic, fitted a GT-R in a gold vinyl wrap before painting the wheels and tinting the windows to match the gold theme. The company used their innovative and exclusive vinyl styling or paint protecting to make this supercar look, well, more super.

WrapStyle, however, didn’t tweak the engine itself. So if you’re curious about the specs on this particular GT-R you can expect the usual 3.8 L V6 engine delivering 478 horsepower.

While this looks incredibly original, this isn’t the first time that a GT-R has been wrapped in gold. In 2012, Nissan teamed up with Olympic sprint champion Usain Bolt and created a gold-covered edition GT-R that raised almost $200,000 for the Usain Bolt Foundation. Oh, and there was also that gold-wrapped GT-R in China which featured a sexy lady posing with Godzilla.

Speaking of the GT-R, Nissan has recently announced that Nismo not only has a new plant, but also that the automaker is expanding the Nismo racing division so that it will reach the masses. However, the biggest announcement is that there will be a Nissan GT-R Nismo arriving in 2014.

While there are currently no specs or pictures for the GT-R Nismo, drivers can expect it to be fast. Like video game fantasy fast. Up until now only the Nismo Juke and Nismo 370Z were available for consumers. Needless to say, enthusiasts and gamers should be rived up with anticipation for this beast to hit the pavement.

Images Via WrapStyle Facebook Page

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