HTML5 Bug Allows Web Browsers to Dump Huge Data

FillDisk HTML5 Exploit | Feross Aboukhadijeh

FillDisk HTML5 Exploit | Feross Aboukhadijeh

An HTML5 Bug was discovered recently, allowing websites to dump huge data to PC users. In relation to this, it was reported that a number of popular browsers were open to this flaw.

HTML5 Bug on Web Browsers: What You Need to Know

Developer Feross Aboukhadijeh uncovered the HTML5 flaw earlier this week. According to him, data dump is made possible on most major Web browsers such as Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Opera.

The issue is said to be based on how HTML5 handles local data storage. Although each browser has their storage parameters, some of which support user-defined limits, all provide for at least 2.5 MB of data that can be stored on a user’s computer.

In relation to this, Aboukhadijeh discovered a loophole that bypasses the data limit. This can be done by creating a handful of temporary websites that are linked to a site visited by the user. Due to this, secondary websites can dump huge data onto affected computers.

On the other hand, bug reports were already sent to the creators of the affected Web browser. The developer added that this kind of flaw is yet to be seen in the wild.


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