Mac Sales Up Again After a Poor Quarter

Apple's iMac and MacBook Air | Official Website

Apple’s iMac and MacBook Air | Official Website

For 26 quarters in a row, Apple’s Mac was able to outsell the overall PC market. And although it encountered an “astonishingly” poor quarter late last year, industry pundits are expecting that the product is going to have a rebound this 2013.

Apple Blames Lack of iMac for Mac’s Poor Quarter

According to Needham & Co.’s analyst Charlie Wolf, Mac’s poor December 2012 quarter was surprising. He also noted last Friday that the device’s shipments were unable to outdo PC shipment’s growth in all regions and geographic segments during the said quarter.

In relation to this, Apple blames Mac’s poor performance, wherein shipments decreased to 22.1 percent, on iMac scarcity. The all-in-one desktop went on sale last December, but it encountered supply constraints. Additionally, the company is yet to catch up with the demand.

However, the NPD group reported earlier last week that there are signs of improvement in the iMac’s availability. They also pointed out that Mac’s domestic sales went up to 31 percent last January. Due to this, Wolf believes that the Cupertino-based company would be able to surpass the overall PC market for the current quarter.

Apple’s Mac vs. Microsoft’s Windows 8

On the other hand, getting past the overall PC market may not require an annual growth for Mac sales. Although it’s down to 6.1 percent during the third quarter of 2012, it was still able to outperform the overall PC market, which also saw a decrease by 13.8 percent.

Despite iMac’s limited availability, Wolf said that it’s possible that a number of consumers decided to buy an iPad over a Mac. He also pointed out Apple’s recent price cuts on MacBook Pro with Retina displays could be a sign that the company overestimated the high-end notebook’s capability to draw in potential buyers.

The analyst also admitted that the Mac maker could face a hurdle because of Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system. He believes that the new OS’ Metro interface is a refreshing alternative to the iPhone and Android devices, although it’s yet to be known whether it can catch up with desktop PCs.

It’s conceivable that desktop users will eventually fall in love with the new interface. In the meantime, however, Metro involves a steep learning curve.

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