Android and iOS Users Make a Switch to BlackBerry Z10

BlackBerry Z10 | Official Website

BlackBerry Z10 | Official Website

It appears that the effort to get back to the smartphone scene with BlackBerry Z10 and the BB10 OS is paying off. There were claims that half of the Z10 buyers are previous owners of iOS or Android handsets.

Customer Switching from Android and iOS to Z10

Although sales figures for BlackBerry Z10 are still unavailable, a report from Fierce Wireless said that one-third of the mobile device’s sales came from users who switched from Android or iOS.

The other thing that kind of surprises us is that of the sales we’re getting, a percentage that are actually flipping over from other platforms onto BlackBerry 10 is a lot higher than we expected. We’re actually getting roughly speaking about a third coming in from outside the BlackBerry community.

Tech and gadget website BGR, on the other hand, put that estimated figure to 50 percent. This means that half of BlackBerry Z10 buyers are former Android or iOS users. The online publication even claimed that they’ve confirmed it with several BlackBerry execs.

However, it’s difficult to translate the iOS or Android converts into Z10’s sales estimation. If about nine out of ten smartphone users are using either of the two platforms, it is more likely that those who bought the Z10 are coming from them.

The Need to Expand its Market Reach

BlackBerry may have a sizeable core group of loyal consumers, but industry pundits believe that they need to expand their market reach. Otherwise, they will be unable to keep their presence in the smartphone market scene. It is possibly the reason why the Canadian phone manufacturer decided to release their touchscreen-based Z10 before the Q10 model. The latter features the company’s signature QWERTY keypad.

The company was once a major player in the smartphone industry until Apple released its iPhone. For the past years, BlackBerry saw the decline of its market share together with its revenue. That is after large organizations and consumers abandoned the platform for iOS or Android devices.

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