Epic Games, Open to Bringing ‘Gears of War’ to Next-Generation Consoles

Gears of War: Judgment Cover Art | Wikipedia

Gears of War: Judgment Cover Art | Wikipedia

Being one of the best game franchise of this generation, Gears of War developer Epic Games was able to reinvent the third-person shooter genre with their pop in and out cover-shoot mechanics. In relation to this, they are set to roll out Gears of War: Judgment. The upcoming game focuses on Cole and Baird instead of its protagonist Marcus Fenix.

With the franchise’s huge following, many wonder whether Epic Games will bring it to the next-generation consoles. According to their lead designer Jim Brown, they would love to do so.

I would love to say yes; I mean, this is something that is very personal to a lot of us. We’ve been working on it for a decade now and the whole reason we did  this one is because so many fans wanted us to and we weren’t done with it.

In an interview with Capsule Computers, Brown also stated that they could go with various directions because of the game’s massive universe.

And it’s such a big universe, so there’s any number of directions we can go with it. But we’re still not finished with Judgment yet; we’re still at home working on DLC. So we are constantly building and expanding on the universe as much as we can.

Indeed, it would be interesting to see Gears of War heading to PlayStation 4. After all, the franchise’s intellectual properties are owned by Epic Games and not Microsoft.

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