Swatch CEO Dismisses iWatch’s “Revolutionary” Technology

Swatch Chronoplastic Watches | Official Website

Swatch Chronoplastic Watches | Official Website

While industry watchers are making a buzz about the possibility of Apple’s so-called iWatch, Swatch Group CEO Nick Hayek is skeptical about how it could replace the iPhone. He also said that he doesn’t believe that such device would be revolutionary.

The rumored Apple iWatch is purported to boast flexible display. It would be wrapped around a user’s wrist and displaying information from his or her iPhone.

The iWatch Obstacles

During a press conference on annual results in Grenchen, Switzerland, Hayek pointed out that the main challenge in a wrist watch replacing a smartphone would be the display size.

Personally, I don’t believe it’s the next revolution. Replacing an iPhone with an interactive terminal on your wrist is difficult. You can’t have an immense display.

The CEO also pointed out that users often buy watches as a jewelry item. Thus, they are more likely to change, which could be a hurdle for Apple. That’s because the physical style of an iWatch would not likely be changeable. However, its visual possibilities allowed by a flexible display could mitigate the obstacle to a certain extent.

Meanwhile, the Swatch Group has dealings with both Apple and Microsoft. The first one has something to do with energy-harvesting technology, while the second one deals with bringing in more interactive features on Swatch watches.

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