Why Samsung Galaxy S IV is Made of Plastic

The "Samsung Unpacked" Invitation | AppleInsider

The “Samsung Unpacked” Invitation | AppleInsider

In an interview last Tuesday, Samsung’s Executive Vice President of Mobile Y.H. Lee pointed out that their upcoming flagship smartphone will continue to use plastic materials. That is in order to bring balance between the device’s manufacturing efficiency and “premium feeling”.

Galaxy S IV: A Line Between Aesthetics and Manufacturing Process

In an interview with CNet, Lee said that the South Korean tech giant moves beyond the aesthetics when designing a smartphone. They also take into consideration various concerns, including how materials affect the manufacturing process. Thus, the upcoming Galaxy S IV will take advantage of plastic materials, the same way as its predecessors.

The company also argued that the plastics used in the Android smartphones are light but durable. This makes the handset better equipped to absorb shocks, although it doesn’t give a “premium” feel just like in metal alloys.

With Samsung being able to ship millions of units every quarter, Lee noted that effective manufacturing techniques are the key. Not to mention that they also need to consider how fast they can bring in new products to their customers. However, this raises the question as to why other smartphone manufacturers like Apple were able to leave plastic behind and move on to glass and aluminum enclosures.

Nevertheless, Lee believes that the Samsung Galaxy S IV struck a balance between practicality and premium looks. Furthermore, the world will have a chance to know whether this claim is true during the Samsung Unpacked event on March 14 in New York.

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