Facebook to Redesign News Feed into “Personalized Newspaper”

New Facebook News Feed | Official Website

New Facebook News Feed | Official Website

During a press event in their Menlo Park, California headquarters, Facebook announced last Thursday that the social network’s News Feed will receive a major overhaul. Instead of offering one feed full of various content such as status updates, photos, and videos; the social media site will now offer multiple feeds that are customizable, as well as presents specialized posts.

Facebook Content by Type, Source, or Chronological Order

All posts that will be seen on the user’s News Feed will be categorized based on content, as well as by source such as “all friends” or “close friends.” There is also the “following” feed that will show posts from pages that a user Liked. For those who are concerned with the latest updates from their friends, there’s the “most recent” feed that shows breaking news in chronological order.

Despite the changes, the regular News Feed will remain, and will most likely be the first thing that a user will look at. It will also use the same complex algorithms used by the social network to decide which content will be featured prominently on the feed.

Device Optimization and Taking Advantage of Time

In addition, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that the redesigned News Feed will be optimized for mobile experience. This would make the experience of using of the social network consistent regardless of the device.

With time as the obvious name of the game here, it appears that Facebook wants to improve its average usage of 22 minutes. That’s because it could have a huge impact on how much advertising content they can put in front of the users, which could mean an increase in the social media giant’s revenue.

Facebook has started rolling out the new News Feed last Thursday, and it will be available on all devices within the next few weeks.

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