Wii U White Basic Pack 8 GB Now Available at ShopTo for £189.85

Nintendo Wii U White Basic Set | Official Website

Nintendo Wii U White Basic Set | Official Website

Nintendo fans in Europe are in for some good news, as online retailer ShopTo posted the Wii U White Basic Pack 8 GB model at a discounted price. The console, which normally retails at £249.99, now costs £189.85.

A Look Inside Wii U Basic Pack

Nintendo’s Wii U includes a controller that features a 6.2-inch screen. This adds a second screen to the living room, which creates a wide array of new video game experiences. For single-player games, the Wii U can display information on its screen that does not appear on TV. Its information and viewpoint can also change based on the console’s orientation of its gyroscope.

As for the multiplayer games, the user can have a different experience from those who are looking at the TV. Thus, it will provide a wide variety of competitive and cooperative opportunities.

In addition, the said feature provides families with various options to customize their entertainment. Other than the 6.2-inch screen, Nintendo’s Wii U also features an accelerometer, gyroscope, rumble feature, inward-facing camera, microphone, and speakers.

Aside from the basic pack, ShopTo also cut the price for the Nintendo Wii U Premium Pack. It now carries a price tag of £279.85.

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