US District Court Judge OKs the Continuation of Apple’s “Siri” Suit Against Samsung

Siri on iPhone | Official Website

Siri on iPhone | Official Website

Last February, US District Court Judge Lucy Koh ruled that Apple’s lawsuit against Samsung regarding the Siri patent can continue. That is despite questioning whether the proceedings should be suspended until an appeal for the Apple vs. Samsung litigation is completed.

Apple vs. Samsung: The Fight over Siri’s Patent

The case in question has something to do with patents that were not discussed in the landmark Apple vs. Samsung trial. This includes the search technology used in Apple’s voice-activated virtual assistant—Siri.

With Judge Koh letting the litigation move on, she ordered that both companies should streamline their assertions. However, the number of claims and associated expert testimony must be pared down.

The US district court judge also voiced out her concern last month about the upcoming patent suit, seeking counsel from both companies whether the case should be put on hold. That is until a verdict regarding the trademark Apple vs. Samsung trial is handed down.

Meanwhile, the Cupertino-based company made appeal about Judge Koh’s earlier ruling that denies sales ban of Samsung’s infringing handsets. They also filed an objection to Samsung’s motion to suspend the second trial until the appeals process for the first case is done.

Now that Judge Koh allowed the continuation of the Siri trial, the hearing will start in March 2014.

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