Tripwire Acquires nCricle to Build a New Information Security Company

Tripwire Logo | Wikipedia

Tripwire Logo | Wikipedia

Earlier this week, Tripwire announced that they’ve acquired nCircle. This acquisition will make them one of the biggest information security companies. Moreover, the new company is expected to compete against EMC, McAfee, Symantec, and many more—especially when it comes to security and vulnerability management.

More About Tripwire and nCircle

Although it is not a household name like McAfee or Symantec, Tripwire is famous in the information security circles. It boasts that almost half of the Fortune 500 members are their clients.

They made their mark in the industry with their file integrity products, which alert an IT admin when critical files have been altered—a possible sign of malware attacks or exploit. Tripwire also offers products for identifying and remediating file, configuration changes, as well as logging and correlating security events.

On the other hand, nCircle established itself as a key player when it comes to compliance and risk management. It has the nCircle Purecloud service that offers cloud-based, automated vulnerability management tool. They also have the nCircle Benchmark that allows the CISOs to measure the security performance, as well as gather relevant and real-time metrics that they need in creating a business case for new security measures.

As to how both companies will construct the new company and present its new products remains to be seen. They did not disclose the terms of the agreement, while the acquisition is expected to close next month.

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