Android Tablets to Surpass iPad’s Shipment for 2013?

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 | Official Website

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 | Official Website

According to the latest report by research firm IDC, tablets running Google’s Android operating system will ship more than that of Apple’s iPad this year. The research firm sees Android devices to account for 48.8 percent of total tablet shipments for 2013, while the iPad will go down from 51 percent to 46 percent.

Tablets running Microsoft’s Windows 8 and Windows RT, on the other hand, are projected to garner 2.8 and 1.9 percent of this year’s shipments respectively.

To 2013 and Beyond

Aside from this, IDC also posted their projected tablet shipment for 2017. It reveals that the Windows 8 tablet may achieve 7.4 percent of the market share, while Windows RT will hold 2.7 percent of the market. This is possible at the expense of both Android and iOS, decreasing their market share to 46 and 43.5 percent, respectively.


Meanwhile, it was notable that IDC’s report did not break down the Amazon Kindle Fire lineup from Android. The online retailer’s tablet is running a forked version of Google’s mobile OS and does not rely on the search engine giant, that’s why it is usually listed in a separate device category other than the likes of ASUS, Samsung, and many more.

IDC’s latest report only shows that the continuous trend in the tablet market will make it more crowded in time. And although it focuses on the tablet shipments, it does not necessarily equate to tablet sales, wherein Apple is the only company to report about tablet sales regularly.

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