Microsoft Office 365 University 3-Month Trial for College Students

Microsoft Office 365 | Official Website

Microsoft Office 365 | Official Website

College students are in for some good news as Microsoft is offering a three-month trial of their Office 365 University. The software package, which can be installed on up to two PCs, is meant for college students, faculty, and staff.

It also features Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote. Additionally, the Office 365 University comes with 20 GB of extra SkyDrive storage aside from the complimentary 7 GB free storage. It also has 60 minutes of Skype calls per month to any phone number.

Subscription and Other Features

To sign up, a user must have a .edu email address, as well as a Microsoft account. After signing up, users can extend the free trial for another three months by sharing the offer on Facebook. Those who don’t have a valid .edu email address can try the software package for just one month.

As posted on Microsoft’s FAQ page, Office 365 University will switch to read-only mode once the free trial ends. This would prevent documents from being created or edited. SkyDrive documents, on the other hand, will remain available for viewing and sharing. However, users won’t be able to upload any new files beyond the 7 GB storage capacity.

The Office 365 University costs $80 for a four-year period. There’s also the Office 2013 license for the Home and Student version, which costs $100.

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