Japanese Guy Dreams of Travelling the World to Take Pictures of Beautiful Women

japanese guy travels the world to take pictures of beautiful women


You have to admire someone who puts everything on the line to pursue their dream. But you have to be envious of a guy whose dream it is to travel the world and snap pictures of beautiful women.

The Tokyo Times recently featured a report on one such dreamer named Kei Akatsu. The Tokyo University of Science student, who has been living in Vancouver, began this over six months ago. And the plan has been pretty simple. He introduces himself and then holds an impromptu photo shoot with the lovely lady, or sometimes ladies. After the photo shoot, he compiles the pictures on his website Beauties World Map. The website not only contains pictures, it’s also organized with blogs and locations of the women.

However, traveling around the world, having photo shoots, adding content, and running the site cost money. At the end of 2012, Akatsu posted his Beauties World Map project on the Japanese crowd funding site, Campfire, where he presented his plan along with promotional videos and sample photographs.

As of now, the promo video has received over 315,000 views on YouTube and he’s also managed to raise about Y76,000 ($793) through Campfire. However, that’s still far short of his intended target of Y1,059,060 ($11,055.19), which will fund his journey through North and South America.

Of course, if you’re a woman you may be a little wary of this “artist.” And if you’re considering about making a donation, you may be asking yourself why you would send this guy cash so that he can travel the world and meet beautiful women. Well, there’ll be some benefits in return for your contribution. According to the Campfire page here are some of the perks.

■ A produced ebook photo album.
■ Name and/or URL will be posted on the website as an official sponsor.
■ A banner of your choice posted under “official sponsors.”
■ Your name and URL will also be placed in the ebook as an official sponsor.
■ Be sent a postcard with a picture of a beauty.
■ A composite image of you with one of the beauties to use as a standby image will be created.

Unfortunately, the dream is over, at least for now. Since funding has fallen short of the intended target, Akatsu has had to go into a different direction. By proving himself to be a sharp businessman, he’s transformed the website from “travel & women” to a “language and women” site.

What this means is that when looking at the photos, Japanese language learners will be able to practice their skills by reading the blogs about the ladies in their native languages. However, it looks like Akatsu has only been posting blog posts about once a month.

Maybe with the publicity that Akatsu and Beauties World Map have been receiving as of late, the site and dream will someday come to fruition.

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