Best Free Android Apps of 2013

Android Apps on Mobile Devices | Official Website

Android Apps on Mobile Devices | Official Website

Although the year 2013 is not yet halfway through, its first quarter is coming to an end. That being said, Andoid mobile device users may have definitely downloaded a number of apps that they find useful—and they might be looking for more. With that, AMOG compiled a short list of Android apps that are not just among the best but also come in free of charge.

AppGarden Lite

Despite the dated user interface, AppGarden Lite is a lightweight and backwards-compatible container that carries a wide array of utility applications. This can include barcode scanner, conversion charts, Urban Dictionary lookup, password generator, and many more. What’s cool about this is that users can bookmark their favorite utility apps for easy access.


After becoming famous in iOS, the Flipboard has finally made its way to Android! It is an excellent social reading app that aggregates Web content in a magazine-style layout.

Google Translate

Google Translate allows users to translate a word or a phrase in more than 64 languages. Aside from doing quick translation work, it can also dictate the proper pronunciation aloud. All that a user need is a stable Internet connection.

Lookout Premium for Android

Aside from securing an Android device, Lookout Premium for Android adds recovery solution in case of loss, theft or wipeout. It also boasts automatic backup, Find My Phone feature, and restore function.


Along with its many added features, X-plore is a great way to look into an Android device’s file system. It can perform file operations, as well as access Picasa web albums, browse SQlite database files, and explore shared folders on Windows servers and PCs.

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