FEZ: Not Coming to Nintendo 3DS

FEZ Cover Art | Wikipedia

FEZ Cover Art | Wikipedia

FEZ creator Phil Fish took the time to answer questions on Reddit created by fans last Monday. One Reddit user asked whether FEZ will be available on Nintendo 3DS. The game creator replied that he and his teams don’t have any plans of bringing the puzzler to Nintendo’s latest gaming console.

We don’t have any plans for that, no. People keep assuming FEZ would be a no-brainer on 3DS, but in truth it would be kind of pointless. The game is practically always shown in isometric 3D, there’s never any perspective there. I don’t think it would work.

Fish pointed out that the Nintendo 3DS is an autostereoscopic device; thus, the game won’t work on it. However, they revealed that they are working with Sony to bring FEZ to the PlayStation Vita.

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