Windows 7 SP1 Coming to Microsoft Users

Microsoft Windows 8 | Wikipedia

Microsoft Windows 8 | Wikipedia

On an official blog last Monday, Microsoft announced that they will automatically push the Windows 7 Service Pack 1 update to users starting today. This will be their last move before ditching the Windows 7 “Release to Manufacturing” 2009 edition of the operating system to support on April.

Now Available: Windows 7 SP1

Over two years ago, Microsoft made the Windows 7 SP1 available through Automatic Updates. However, customers were required to approve the new version before it’s installed. As of today, the update will be automatically pushed to Windows RTM-powered PCs with enabled Automatic Updates.

The blocker tool that is used to bar Windows 7 SP1 has been expired since February 2012. This means that users who don’t want to have the software update must disable Automatic Updates.

On the other hand, businesses with Windows updates and patches that include Windows Server Update Services and Systems Center Configuration Manager will not be affected by the automatic install.

What’s Next for Windows 7 RTM Users?

In relation to this, Microsoft announced that there will be no more updates for the Windows 7 RTM after April 9. This means no more fixes and security updates following the company’s regularly scheduled Patch Tuesday.

The company also promised to support Windows 7 SP1 with non-security bug fixes and security patches until January 31, 2015. It will also have patches-only update for another five years.

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