NVIDIA, to Release Project Shield Next Quarter

NVIDIA Project Shield | Project Shield Official Website

NVIDIA Project Shield | Project Shield Official Website

People at NVIDIA are keeping their fingers crossed that they will be able to make a debut in the portable handheld gaming market within the next couple of months. During their annual developer conference last Tuesday, NVIDIA CEO Jen Hsung Huang said that he hopes for the Project Shield console to be available through retail outlets during the latter part of the second quarter.

NVIDIA Project Shield: Specs and Feature

Earlier this year, NVIDIA revealed their Project Shield during the 2013 International CES. It looks like an oversized gaming controller that features a 5-inch display and a Tegra 4 processor. And because it’s Android-based, it provides an immersive gaming experience compared to Android phones. In addition, the handheld system can run PC games using a home server.

Working on a Different Plan

While game device makers such as Sony and Microsoft are selling hardware at a loss, it appears that NVIDIA is working on a different plan with the Project Shield. As stated by Huang:

This is a consumer electronics product. We’ll try to be modest at first, we have no expectations and we expect you to have none, but we’re going to sell it for profit.

Simply put, the company expects that the NVIDIA Project Shield will attract developers to make better games for Android. Moreover, some of these games will appear in the NVIDIA TegraZone gaming app store. As a result, it could help the Tegra ecosystem to drive sales on Tegra-based handsets.

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