Google to Bundle All Chat Services Under “Babble” Brand?

Google+ Hangouts | Official Website

Google+ Hangouts | Official Website

Following the announcement that Google Reader is soon to say goodbye, it was reported that the search engine giant will bundle its numerous communication services into a new single platform—Babble.

For the past ten years, Google has created a number of overlapping chat services. This includes Google Talk, Hangouts, and Voice. With Babble, users can now communicate across various devices within Google services such as Gmail and Google+.

What Babble Means to Google and its Users

With the rumor about Babble, it appears that Google is trying to wall their ecosystem. Prior to this, most of their communication services are built using the XMPP open protocol. However, the search engine giant has started manipulating its architecture to block non-native XMPP requests.

Simply put, Google wants to control how users take advantage of their services. This also means that non-Google services won’t be able to integrate with what the search engine giant provides.

On the other hand, Babble could simplify the lives of Android and Google users. This would allow Android users to avoid texting fees, as well communicate with friends regardless of the device they are using. Because of this, Babble would be able to reach other platforms and services that would make competing difficult for other chat venues.

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