Chromebook Pixel Outdoes Apple MacBook’s Retina Display

Google's Chromebook Pixel | Official Website

Google’s Chromebook Pixel | Official Website

First introduced in February, Google’s Chromebook Pixel features a 2560 x 1700-pixel LCD touchscreen. It has a pixel density of 239 ppi. On the other hand, Apple’s MacBook Pro with Retina Display 220 ppi for the 15-inch notebook and 227 ppi for the 13-inch variant.

Because of this, the Cupertino-based company changed their product page for MacBook Pro with Retina Display. From “The highest-resolution notebook ever and the second-highest,” it’s now listed with “High performance has never been so well-defined.”

However, Apple Insider updated that Apple’s product page still has the previous listing, although it is no longer the top item.

More About Google’s Chromebook Pixel

Google’s Chromebook Pixel features a browser-based operating system that was developed by the search engine giant. Although they were upgrading the OS continuously, it’s still last on the race against Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, and even against mobile OS such as iOS and Android.

It may feature a handful of apps, but Google encountered some criticism for releasing the notebook with a starting price of $1,299. The Chromebook Pixel is said to lack power, space, and application ecosystem compared to traditional notebooks of the same price.

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