Todoist Gets New Android Widgets

Todoist For Android | Official Website

Todoist For Android | Official Website

Leading to-do app Todoist announced two new Android widgets last week—the Add Task and Task List widgets. With these new features, it will now be easier for users to keep tabs on tasks.

Meet Todoist Add Task and Task List Widgets

The Add Task Widget will enable Todoist users to add tasks straight from the homescreen of their Android smartphone. It also allows them to perform actions on existing tasks such as “complete,” “postpone,” or “edit.” All they need to do is tap the “add new” button. Aside from improving the user experience, the addition of Add Task widget makes adding tasks effortless.

Task List, on the other hand, lets users see a complete overview of their daily tasks. It is listed based on days such as “today” or “seven days.” Tasks can also be labeled based on project. This widget is also available to Android 2.3 users, although it uses arrows for navigation instead of a scroll bar.

Aside from that, tapping the TD icon will launch the app with the same view that the user has in widget.

More Todoist Features

Other than the Add Task and Task List widgets, Todoist for Android rolled out a number of significant updates and new features. This includes new task layout, new settings, and quick add task feature that allows users to add task from almost anywhere—including other apps.

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