‘XCOM: Enemy Unknown’ Coming to iOS

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Cover Art | Wikipedia

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Cover Art | Wikipedia

Last weekend, Firaxis and 2K Games announced that their hit sci-fi game XCOM: Enemy Unknown is coming to Apple’s iOS this summer. Aside from that, it will also be available for Mac starting April 24.

Features and Synopsis

In an interview with gaming website Joystiq last Saturday, lead designer Jake Solomon revealed that the game will be a straight port to Apple’s mobile operating system. This means that features can be found on PC and gaming consoles will be available on the Mac and iOS versions.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown allows players to control an elite division that will counter an invading alien force. They can also handle the financial, political, and research aspects of the division, offering them permanent results that stemmed out of their decisions.

Although the price is yet to be announced, game devs said that XCOM: Enemy Unknown for iOS will be a premium product and will be “priced accordingly.”

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