Undead Labs Clarifies Real Challenge in ‘State of Decay’

State of Decay Screenshot | Official Website

State of Decay Screenshot | Official Website

The much-awaited single-player game, State of Decay, got a bit of appraising during the PAX East last week. After showing off a handful of new off-screen footage and being demoed at the said event, some fans were questioning its difficulty.

As it turns, the State of Decay demo at the PAX East provided gamers with a lot of ammunition, which makes it easier than the company had intended. However, Community Director Sanya Weathers addressed these concerns to the forums.

You are making assumptions based on one tiny aspect of the game, in videos made at a convention where people only have ten minutes to play. OF COURSE we’re going to give people access to plenty of weapons and ammo, and OF COURSE people are using ammunition with zero though to its scarcity… and as noted people are still dying.

In the actual game, you’ll be responsible for other people and their physical and emotional needs. The game might be easy enough, assuming you have been able to find and stockpile the same amount of supplies as we did in out setup. Of course, in the actual game, knowing you need to make the supplies last past ten minutes, you won’t want to hammer the painkillers quite so heavily and you definitely want to think a bit more about using ammo. And all while you’re worrying about scarcity and finite supplies, you’re also going to be getting messages that so-and-so is in trouble and needs help, and this other guy is looking depressed, and this OTHER guy just started a fight, and then an alert that there’s a horde heading to your base, and and and suddenly this simple little fighting game isn’t so easy.

This only means that killing off zombies may not just be the most challenging part of the game. It even makes sense as zombies are considered mindless creatures just looking for something to eat. State of Decay focuses on the “big picture” of things and not just the zombie-killing. Simply put, the player is also concerned with their bases, supplies, as well as their character’s life.

A couple of weeks prior to this, it was reported that State of Decay has entered the certification stage. Hopefully, a release date will be announced soon.

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