Quicksilver for Mac Now Available After 10 Years!

Quicksilver 1.0 | Official Blog

Quicksilver 1.0 | Official Blog

After about ten years being in beta, Quicksilver for Mac is now available! This latest app gives users a powerful application launcher and task manager. These features function with keyboard shortcuts and mouse gestures, also known as “triggers.”

Meet Quicksilver 1.0

In an official blog post, Quicksilver version 1.0 is said to feature the latest bug fixes and enhancements. Its main draw is being able to locate files and folders with abbreviated search terms, and launch the items in appropriate OS X applications.

The application also has a customizable feature set such as abbreviations called synonyms for quick library searching, plug-ins, and trigger actions. The trigger dictates how a file is handled and what applications is used to open it

What’s Next for Quicksilver 1.0?

Additionally, it was stated on the blog post that more features are on the way. Lead developers Patrick Robertson and Rob McBroom even said in an interview that Quicksilver can be more powerful with backing from the dev community, allowing the app to take advantage of AppleScript extensions to build plugins.

Quicksilver 1.0 supports OS X 10.6, 10.7 and 10.8, and is now available for free download from its official website.

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