Be on Track: Tips to Manage Your IT Projects

Daily Planner | MorgueFile

Daily Planner | MorgueFile

There will always be big challenges for those doing IT projects. These include scope creep, unprecedented changes, and team members who don’t understand their job description.

So how can you manage your IT projects? Check out simple tips below.

Find the Right Members and Know What They can Do

If you have the chance, find the right members for your team. That way, you manage your project properly and you won’t do all the work. Aside from that, it’s important to know what each of your members can do best. This would give you an insight to whom you should allocate a particular task.

Understand Your Team’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Knowing your team’s strengths and weaknesses is an important aspect in managing your IT project. This is not just about what you team can and can’t do. It’s also about knowing who among your team needs less supervision, so you can take advantage of your time to do your tasks.

Break Down Your Projects into Tasks

An IT Project can be overwhelming most of the time. In order to manage it well, analyze the entire project and see its scope. This will help you know how to break down the whole project into smaller tasks, making it easier to manage.

Know Your Priorities

Once you’ve broken down your IT project into tasks, know which part needs to be prioritize. However, it’s not all about which should be done first. Knowing your priorities also means which requires more effort while working on other tasks bit by bit.

Be Flexible

As the saying goes, the only thing permanent in this world is change. There will be circumstances that will cause change on your project. It can be a change in schedule, change of desired output, change of team members, and change in process and so on. Nevertheless, it’s important that you can immediately cope with it to stay on top of things.

Monitor Your Project and Keep Track of Time

Having a time table and sticking with it is also important in managing an IT project. It’s not enough that you’re working with the A team, you also have to make sure that everyone is doing their tasks properly. Plus, you have to see to it that everything is on track. After all, you cannot say mission accomplished if you’re unable to present your end product on time.

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