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If you want to leverage your business to more potential clients, one of the best moves you can take is have a website. However, there are thousands and millions of websites on the Internet, that making yours stand out can be cumbersome. So, here are a few tips to have a website that’s more than just a needle in a haystack.

Add Secondary Pages

In order to stand out, the first thing you need to do is to segment your website into multiple pages. As it turns out, sites with more pages tend to rank higher than one-page websites.

But although there are no official rules as to how many secondary pages you can make, that doesn’t mean you can make a handful. Just consider what is important and helpful to your site visitor such as “About Us,” “Contact Us,” “Products or Services.”

In relation to this, you don’t need to put everything on every page. Put up what you think would suffice for your visitors, enough to encourage them to contact you and make an inquiry.

Take Advantage of Google Sitelinks

Aside from segmenting your website, you should also take advantage of Google Sitelinks. Sitelinks are the links found below a search engine result, redirecting a user to the secondary pages of your website. A Google result of this type can consume up to three times of a standard result’s screen space. This is one good way to get noticed by an Internet user.

Maintain a Blog

Another way to gain high ranks on search engine result pages is having a blog. It doesn’t only make your site dynamic; it is also more likely to be indexed on SERPs. Search engine robots just love fresh content! Just remember that a blog should be part of your company website and not hosted on another URL. One more thing: blog as often as you can so it can be updated as much as possible.

Nevertheless, making your business shine online does not end here. Creating and managing your website, and then submitting it to Google and other search engine directories are just the first steps. You have to continue learning how you can have and maintain a high rank on search engine result pages.

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